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Factory Tbilisi
3 დავით ბაქრაძის ქუჩა, T'bilisi 0179

Jan Blomqvist ( Live ) x MONUMENT

On March 23, Monument presents singer, musician, live performer and producer - Jan Blomqvist at Factory Tbilisi.

Not a DJ. Jan Blomqvist is a musician, singer and producer who plays his own club-friendly electronic compositions live. He has always played live. At first it was grunge with guitars and drums, but after moving to Berlin and with the new advances in computer hardware and music production software, Jan switched gears and learned how to play this new mega-instrument. Orchestras at your fingertips. Possibility squared. Producing fat techno and electro beats and testing them on club systems after-hours, Jan created a new sonic environment foundation for his now-signature vocals and melodic songwriting.

At the same time, however, bands and live acts had become almost extinct. In their place, DJ’s were now playing on the main stages. In the words of James Murphy, most musicians had “traded their guitars for turntables”. People couldn’t take seriously the idea that singer songwriter arrangements, real instruments, multitimbral harmonies and advanced musicality could fit in a techno/electro track and gel in a club. But they could, and they did. The pendulum began its swing back.

You have to be good to be lucky. But it takes more than talent and luck to play at Coachella 3 times or become one of the most exciting acts at Burning Man, playing now 5 years in a row as a main fixture on the massive art cars of the Mayan Warrior and Robot Heart. Drawing 12.000 fans in Athens regularly or playing for 20.000 as one of the headliners of the Sola Festival in Kassel, Germany, takes also decades of hard work. Jan puts in crazy-long hours. Playing nearly 1,000 gigs already, his touring schedule, like the venues, are always filled to capacity. When he’s not on tour, Jan spends his days in his studio in Prenzlauer Berg refining your new favourite tracks. Of original music, Jan has released 2 full-length albums and tons of singles, usually solo, but sometimes collaborating as he has with heavyweights like Ben Böhmer and Oliver Koletzki for example. And with the right constellation of factors, he might be down to remix. Like when Claptone sent Jan the track they did with Seal, or when he got a call from Mako.

Local artists: Roma J and Endorphins will share the stage with Jan Blomqvist.

◾ Timetable:

Doors Opening | 23:30

Roma J | 00:00 - 02:30

Jan Blomqvist (Live) | 02:30 - 04:15

Endorphins | 04:15 - End

♀♂ Age Control 18+

📍 Location: Factory Tbilisi

Early Bird - 80 Gel [SOLD OUT]

Basket I - 100 Gel [SOLD OUT]

Basket II - 120 Gel [SOLD OUT]

Basket III - 140 Gel

At door - 160 Gel

‼️ Please note, that tickets will be sold, with the limited quantity.

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